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Ohioan indicted in theft, use of travel vouchers

A federal grand jury in Utah has indicted an Ohio man on charges of using and selling travel vouchers stolen from American Airlines at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

According to the indictment, Christopher Daniel Watters stole the vouchers during a layover at Dallas-Fort Worth in the spring of 1992. Watters sold some of the vouchers to unidentified individuals in Salt Lake City for $5,000 in June or July of that year, the indictment said.In July or August, Watters stole additional vouchers at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the grand jury said. However, his contact in Salt Lake City apparently advised him in September to dispose of the vouchers and make no further contact because American Airlines security and the FBI were investigating the thefts.

The indictment said the stolen vouchers were used to obtain at least 11 tickets for flights from Phoenix, Ariz., to Puerto Rico; Los Angeles to Honolulu; London to Miami; and other flights during 1992.