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Barkley mulling retirement following bar fight

The heat he and his family are taking over his recent arrest is prompting Charles Barkley to seriously consider retirement from the NBA.

The Houston Rockets forward and 11-time All Star has missed two practices this week and called several Houston media outlets Wednesday to say his likely Hall of Fame career might be over."Right now, I'm leaning toward retirement," Barkley told the Houston Chronicle. "If the league is not going to stand by me, then I'll just say thank you very much and move on."

Barkley said he's upset that the league is considering suspending him for his weekend arrest in Orlando, Fla., over an altercation with a man at a bar.

Witnesses said Barkley threw the man through a plate-glass window after the man threw ice at the player and several companions.

Barkley also told reporters he is upset that his 9-year-old daughter, Christiana, has been harassed by schoolmates in Phoenix over the incident.