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Y. students plan protest over banning of 4 statues

A group of Brigham Young University students planned to stage a protest Thursday against the BYU Museum of Art's decision not to show four nude statues in an art exhibit.

BYU student Justin Jones organized the rally Tuesday after a discussion with his wife about exclusion of "The Kiss," "Saint John the Baptist Preaching," "Monument to Balzac" and "The Prodigal Son" from an exhibit of works by 19th century French sculptor Francois-Auguste-Rene Rodin."I've seen these sculptures and I don't really know why students shouldn't have the same opportunity," Jones said.

BYU Museum of Art Director Campbell Gray said earlier this week the decision not to show four of the 56 pieces in "The Hands of Rodin, a Tribute to B. Gerald Cantor" exhibit was based on lack of dignity. Many of the statues depict human figures, some naked.

Jones, who viewed the exhibit in Washington, D.C., applied for a permit to stage the rally but was told it would take five days to get approval. However, he planned to go ahead with the protest even if he doesn't get the permit.