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Slap in face deters thief - but only temporarily

A slap in the face was enough to deter a would-be robber once Wednesday evening, but it apparently didn't make him think twice about trying again somewhere else.

A woman who just moved to Provo from Minnesota was at the ATM at First Security Bank, 1389 N. University Ave., about 5:15 p.m. when a young man approached her, said Provo Police Lt. Greg Du Val. The man pulled up his shirt to expose a weapon.The woman didn't think it looked like one, so she slapped his face. The man ran away.

"We don't recommend that kind of behavior, but it worked," Du Val said.

Police suspect the same man went into Hogi Yogi, 1235 S. University Ave., two hours later and lifted up his shirt to expose the butt of gun. Du Val said employees took the threat seriously and handed over a small amount of cash.