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Utah County

AMERICAN FORK: Four residents, all insiders hoping to change significant problems, are competing for two open seats on the City Council. Two are former members of the City Council, and the other two have served on various boards and committees. A16

PLEASANT GROVE: Challengers want to know why people are feeling ignored and why decisions appear to be made in a hurried fashion. City Council incumbents say they're listening more than ever and spending enormous amounts of time studying issues and situations. A17SPRINGVILLE: The line of demarcation has been drawn between the Citizens and Progressive parties in this election. They disagree on how the city should be run and how the finances should be kept in check. A18

LEHI: All four City Council candidates think managing growth is important but oppose a referendum to limit growth. Three say a proposed community and recreation center is too expensive. A19

SPANISH FORK: Three of five City Council seats are up for grabs, including one race where two current council members, Matt Barber and Thora Shaw, are running for the same seat. A20