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Spay or neuter your pets

People need to spay and neuter their pets. There are too many pets being put to sleep every day. They come to this life, and lots of them are either stray or have lived at a Humane Society for almost most, if not all, their lives. So they really don't have a point in coming here.

A regular female and male dog, together, would produce four puppies in their first year together. The second year, 12 puppies are produced. In the third year, 36 puppies are produced. There would be 324 puppies in the fifth year and 4,372 puppies produced in seven years. A normal female and male cat would have 12 kittens in their first year. In their second year, there could be 144 kittens. There could be 1,728 kittens in the third year, and there could be 20,736 kittens in their fourth year. For every person that is born, 15 dogs and 45 kittens are also born. In order to keep up with the current flood of puppies and kittens, every person would have to own two dogs and six cats during their entire lives (that is assuming that all people live for 75 years and dogs and cats for 10 years). A family of five people would have to shelter 10 dogs and 30 cats.You can see that pet overpopulation is a very big problem. So unless you want to hold and take care of two dogs and six cats for every person in your house for your entire lifetime, I suggest spaying and neutering your pets.

Bryan Clark

South Jordan