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Tyson breaks ribs in motorcycle crash

Banned former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was hospitalized with broken ribs after overturning his motorcycle on an interstate exit ramp.

Tyson, 31, was recovering today at Hartford Hospital after the accident Wednesday evening. He was in stable condition and expected to be hospitalized about two days, hospital spokesman James Battaglio said.Tyson's manager, Rory Holloway, said his fighter was sore, but in good spirits.

"We're just fortunate that he is OK," Holloway said. "It could have been a lot worse."

The accident happened on Interstate 84 in Manchester, about 10 miles east of Hartford, during evening rush hour. Friends said Tyson's 1100 cc Honda skidded when it hit some sand. He was wearing a helmet and a leather riding jacket.

Holloway said Tyson was heading home to his estate in Farmington from Holloway's home in New Jersey. Two friends also riding motorcycles were with Tyson.

They had missed the Farmington exit, and were attempting to turn around at the Manchester exit when Tyson went down, Holloway said.

After the accident, Tyson called his Farmington home for a car, Holloway said. He arrived at the hospital about 9 p.m., some four hours after the accident.