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40% of pupils in D.C. test read poorly

About 40 percent of second- and third-graders tested in District of Columbia public schools last spring would have had to repeat their grade if tougher promotion requirements proposed by the school system were in effect, according to standardized test scores.

The scores, released Wednesday, suggest that about 5,000 of the city's 13,300 tested students read too poorly and would have failed the proposed standard for advancing to the next grade.Among 10th- and 11th-graders who took the Stanford 9 Achievement Test last spring, more than half scored far below grade level in reading and less than 15 percent read proficiently. Math scores were even lower.

School officials hope to put the stricter promotion standards into place this academic year. They say to boost chances of promoting students, remedial programs, tutoring and summer school will be offered to students who struggled on the standardized exams.

"These student outcomes are not acceptable and cannot and will not be tolerated," the chief academic officer, Arlene Ackerman, said Wednesday.