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Yes, Lindon will hold an election - despite lack of opposition

There probably won't be much element of surprise when it comes to this year's elections in Lindon.

Mayor Larry Ellertson is running unopposed, and only two candidates will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot for the two open seats on the City Council. Barring a unforeseen write-in campaign, H. Toby Bath and Jeff Acerson will step in as councilmen. Former candidate Perry Wakefield dropped out of the race last week.The circumstances prompted City Manager Ott Dameron to inquire if Lindon had to have an election. He learned state laws stipulate that an election is necessary, even if no candidates have filed to run.

Lindon officials believe it isn't apathy that is keeping citizens from running for office, judging from the high attendance figures at the recent Meet the Candidates night.

Dealing with growth is the hot topic in Lindon, and candidates are preparing to address with this issue.

Ellertson has served as mayor for almost one year after he was appointed to fill the vacancy left when Scott Cullimore became a court judge.

Ellertson, 46, is a general business manager for Utah Power in American Fork.

Here's a brief look at the two City Council candidates:


Jeff Acerson

Address: 910 E. Center.

Age: 41

Experience: Background in business and development.

Occupation: Public relations, marketing consultant.

Reasons for candidacy: "I've been helping with projects like Lindon Days over the years. I've got time now to become more active in the community. There are a lot of good people here and I want to help."What can you bring to city government?: "I'm a good listener and I will try to understand all angles of the issues."

Dealing with growth: "I've been on the other side of development. I've developed property . . . I'm not sure how long growth here will last. We'll try to understand the problems Lindon is faced with and look at other cities to see what decisions have been made. We can learn from history."

What does the city need?: "There is a big need for improving the roads. We also need to plan for parks. If you don't plan for those areas, there will be no open spaces. We also need to look at services like police, fire and a library. There is a lot of cost there. We need to see if financially it makes sense."

H. Toby Bath

Address: 129 S. 630 East

Age: 57

Experience: 23 years in the Orem City Department of Safety; member of the Planning Commission past three years.

Occupation: Self-employed; school bus driver.

Reasons for candidacy: "I moved here nine years ago from Orem to get away from the fast growth, but it seemed to have followed me. I want to have a say in the growth problems. There are a lot of changes that will be made, and I want to be involved."

What can you bring to city government?: "My experiences in Orem have taught me a lot. I can help."

Dealing with growth: "I want to continue what we've started. We developed a five-year plan and we're sticking to it, though we have to alter it as it goes along."

What does the city need?: "Our own police and fire departments. We also need to complete the parks that have been worked on. We need to expand our commercial business to lessen the tax burden. I want to see Lindon maintain as much open space as possible and maintain its country atmosphere."