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Face facts on home school

State School Superintendent Scott Bean is angry again. Bean cried foul (Deseret News, Oct. 19) when BYU published results of National Home School studies in its newspaper. Bean claimed the studies contained gross inaccuracies due to "biased" testing. Who, then, does he consider qualifies to study this issue and publish results?

Why does Bean exhibit so much antagonism toward home school? It couldn't be a money issue. Taxes paid by home-scool families fund public education in Utah like everyone else's. Does he believe that only the public school system can provide "proper" educational instruction for children? Should all children be forced to learn using the same methods?I applaud and thank BYU and other organizations that offer unbiased support for all viable educational options. My children's home education has been greatly enhanced through the resources offered. There are many home-school parents who do a great job, and our communities benefit from the children who participate. Yes, there are failures in home schooling, but I hope that Bean would be the first to admit there are failures in public schooling as well. Does he need to feel threatened by home or private schooling? As the numbers indicate, those families who take advantage of these options are relatively few, particularly when compared with the vast numbers in public school. Perhaps, rather than being antagonistic toward those who don't utilize the public school system, he could adopt an attitude of cooperation. Instead of speaking against the minority of parents using home schooling, he could use his knowledge and experience to assist us in achieving the goal of both sides, quality education for our children.

Sharyl B. Wren

Pleasant Grove