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Cloning is irresponsible

I do not believe in cloning household pets, such as cats or dogs. First off, we already have an extreme overpopulation of such animals. There are so many cats and dogs in shelters that 18 million are killed each year. Yet there are some people who still think we need to clone.

Cloning may be important for some other needs, such as livestock that produces outstanding meat products. But when we have so many cats and dogs, and no one to take care of them, then cloning should be the least of our concerns.When scientists first came up with the idea to clone, I thought it would be beneficial to faltering economies of lesser developed countries who suffer from such problems as malnutrition, starvation and extreme poverty. I thought cloning would bring these ailing economies up to a stable level and help to distinguish worldwide hunger problems. But realizing that we must first need to become responsible for what we already have leads me to believe that cloning will just make it easier for mankind to become more irresponsible and to treat animals with even more disrespect than they already do.

These scientists need to understand that the conception of cloning is a wonderful and powerful tool and we need to treat it like one, with caution, respect, and to put thought into the decisionmaking process. We need to be understanding of what repercussions these actions might have here in the present and in the future.

Alicia Wilkinson

South Jordan