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BORDEAUX - Maurice Papon arrived Friday in an ambulance at his war crimes trial, which resumed for the first time since he was hospitalized with bronchitis more than one week ago.

PARIS - Truckers and freight bosses were ready to resume talks to avert a repeat of last year's crippling strike - but a union leader said it might be too late to prevent roadblocks appearing from Sunday.


WARSAW - Jerzy Buzek, a Solidarity activist trade union activist, was sworn in as Poland's prime minister, culminating his five-week effort to form a coalition government.


SRINAGAR - An explosion downtown killed a police chief and two soldiers and injured 12 people in the latest violence in Kashmir state.


BRUSSELS - The nation reported its first case of mad cow disease, calling it a blow to the country's beef sector.

Sri Lanka

COLOMBO - The deputy defense minister said there was still a chance of terrorist attacks in the capital, but added security forces were taking preventative steps.


MANILA - Former first lady Imelda Marcos, who was rushed to hospital on Thursday with high blood pressure, has gone home, but an aide said she remained ill.


ATHENS - Long-time rivals Greece and Turkey appear to agree on one thing at the moment - that a meeting of their prime ministers on the Greek island of Crete next week will not produce a breakthrough in relations.

South Africa

DURBAN - Eight people, including three children, were shot dead in two attacks in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province, police said. The motive for the attacks on two families in Umkomaas was not thought to be political.


HANOI - The government said it was more or less on track to launch public access to the Internet in mid-November, but installation and monthly subscription costs may be beyond the reach of most of its 77 million population.


JERUSALEM - The military wing of Hamas said Israel had "one last chance" before the Islamic fundamentalist group unleashed a "big operation" against the Jewish state.


KRASNOYARSK - President Boris Yeltsin arrived in Siberia for a weekend meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto.


KARACHI - Gunmen opened fire on a Shiite Muslim mosque, killing an elderly cleric and injuring his companion, police said.


MOENCHENGLADBACH - Two German businessmen were convicted of shipping weapons technology to Libya and sentenced to more than three years each in prison.


LISBON - At least seven people were killed in storms that lashed the Portuguese mid-Atlantic Azores islands Thursday and another 15 were trapped in houses that collapsed under a mudslide, a local government official said.


MILAN - At least 11 people were killed when fire engulfed a special high pressure treatment chamber in a private hospital on Milan's outskirts, an official from the fire brigade said.