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Utes take angry approach to Tulsa in hopes of countering complacency

Utah's football team has found ways to be complacent at the oddest times, like the first game of the season against the Grabby Aggies or for the Southern Methodist home game nine days after being slapped upside the head in Fresno.

Defensive end John Frank, who says he's not used to losing and hates it more than anything, does not expect the Utes to be complacent when facing 1-6, 1-3 Tulsa Saturday afternoon in Oklahoma, even though they are coming off an impressive win Saturday against 6-2, 3-2 New Mexico."The whole team is angry," says Frank. "We got one win. Big deal. Who cares?

"We've still got three big games to play, and they're going to be the hardest games of the whole season. We can't overlook Tulsa. I know they're 1-6, but that doesn't matter. Look at Air Force (lost to San Jose State)."

BUZZ'N CUZZ'NS: The Salt Lake Buzz Triple-A baseball team and the University of Tulsa are Buzz'n cuzz'ns. The Buzz may eventually have to change their name because Georgia Tech copyrighted the Buzz name a long time ago as the moniker for its mascot.

Tulsa ran into the same problem 75 years ago, says its media guide.

Tulsa had various nicknames like "Kendallites" and "Presbyterians." In 1922 a new coach, Howard Archer, wanted to change the then-current nickname of "Yellow Jackets," which referred to Tulsa's black-and-yellow striped jerseys (school colors were orange and black). Archer came up with "Golden Tornadoes," because of a remark made about how the team roared through opponents.

Like the Buzz, he soon found out Georgia Tech was using that name. So Archer went to a bigger storm, and the "Golden Hurricanes" name stuck.

READY AND A BULL: Senior walk-on long snapper Bull Heffernan, who lived his dream in the UTEP game by playing regular offensive snaps on the left side of the line and grading out at 100 percent for his blocks, is quite a celebrity. He got big-time notice this year from Sports Illustrated, which placed him on its 1997 All-Walk-On Team. SI only named a first team, so Heffernan, who is on the team as an offensive lineman, is in elite company with other walk-ons from football factories like Nebraska, Alabama, Washington, Florida State, Colorado, Alabama, Florida and Michigan State. SI's comment about Heffernan: "Fiery 26-year-old long snapper not on scholarship."

SEATING ASSIGNMENT: Football season ticket-holders have been informed that seating in the new Rice Stadium may not correspond with the locations those people have now, much like the Delta Center is unlike the old Salt Palace. A letter sent to ticket-holders said (and this is sic, for all you grammarians): "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and with careful planning we will be able to address most people's needs. We will be assigning seats in the following order:

"1. People who donate $10,000 or more to the stadium construction. These donations may be made over a five-year period and are in addition to annual Crimson Club donations.

"2. Crimson Club members. 3. Season ticket-holders. 4. Utah letter-winners. 5. Alumni. 6. General public."

An application form will be sent out in January.

GOOD SEGUE: From $10,000 seats to Saturday's game promotion for Utah-at-Tulsa football: This game is designated as "Non-Profit" Day at Skelly Stadium. All nonprofit organizations ordering 25 or more tickets get them for $1 each.