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Arbitron's summer figures give KSFI top spot in 2 major age groups

KSFI (alias "FM-100") leads two of the three main age groups in the summer Arbitron rating estimates released two weeks ago.

As reported last week, FM-100.3 is No. 1 among adult listeners, ages 25-54. It is also tops for all ages, 12-plus.KENZ ("The End," FM-107.5) is first in the other category of listeners, ages 18-34.

As usual, the trend of equalization continues, and only KSFI in the age 25-54 group has a double-digit percentage. Arbitron numbers in recent years have been getting much closer in Salt Lake City, with tenths of percentages separating stations vs. the full digit differences of years past.

Here are the Arbitron rating estimates for the summer of 1997, ages 12-plus, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI (8.8); 2. KSOP AM/FM (5.7); 3. KISN-FM (5.5); 4. KZHT (5.4); 5. (tie) KENZ and KSL-AM (5.0); 7. KXRK (4.8); 8. KRSP (4.7); 9. KODJ (4.5); 10. (tie) KUBL and KDYL/KOVO-AM (4.2).

12. KKAT (4.0); 13. KBEE (3.9); 14. KBER (3.8); 15. KALL-AM (3.2); 16. KUMT (3.1); 17. (tie) KBZN and KURR (2.8); 19. KQMB (2.7); 20. KFNZ-AM (1.4); 21. KBKK (1.2); 22. KLO-AM (0.8); 23. KLZX (0.7); 24. KFAM-AM (0.6); 25. KRKR (0.5); 26. KTKK-AM (0.4); 27. KCNR-AM (0.3).

Here are the Arbitron rating estimates for the summer of 1997, ages 18-34, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KENZ (9.8); 2. KXRK (8.2); 3. KSFI (7.2); 4. KUBL (6.7); 5. KISN-FM (6.6); 6. KBEE (6.2); 7. KKAT (6.1); 8. KBER (5.8); 9. (tie) KSOP AM/FM and KZHT (5.1).

11. (tie) KQMB and KRSP (4.2); 13. KURR (4.0); 14. KUMT (2.9); 15. KALL-AM (1.9); 16. KBZN (1.8); 17. KFNZ-AM (1.6); 18. (tie) KSL and KODJ (1.3); 19. (tie) KBKK, KRKR and KLZX (0.6); 22. KDYL/KOVO-AM (0.4); 23. (tie) KCNR-AM and KTKK-AM (0.3); 24. KLO-AM and KFAM-AM 1/3 Next week: the top-rated morning shows.

- CAR TALK TURNS 10 - National Public Radio's "Car Talk" will celebrate 10 years of broadcasting on Saturday, Nov. 1.

The show, hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, reaches 3 million listeners each week. The brothers have also produced a humorous booklet, "Celebrating 10 Years of Bad Car Advice."

"Car Talk" airs Saturdays, 10-11 a.m., on KUER (FM-90.1).

- MORE TALK RADIO HISTORY - Joe Redburn has the longest talk radio roots of anyone in Utah.

Now, he and Hank Hathaway are moving their former weekend talk show to weekdays. Starting Monday, Nov. 3, the two will have a 10 a.m.-noon show, Monday-Friday, on KTUR (AM-1010).

Redburn started a one-hour talk show called "Controversy" on KSXX (AM-630, later to become KTKK, "K-Talk") back on May 5, 1965.

In those days, it was unusual for a talk show host to be more than a moderator. Redburn was one of the first to give his own opinions and actually talk with callers.

KSXX became the nation's third station to go all-talk, behind KMOX and KGO, west coast stations that started in 1960 and 1962 respectively.

At one time, KSXX was second only to KCPX-AM (1320) in popularity.

Besides Redburn, Tom Carlin, Bob Salter, Joyce Murray, Fred J. Gloz, Jim Kirkwood and Mills Crenshaw were eventually added to the KSXX lineup.

- KKAT (FM-101.9) - The station's morning show recently gained a new addition, DJ Tom Kelly, who came to the station from Florida. He joins Dawn Kennedy and Rick Shane.

- GERMAN SHOW - A special show on the German language now airs Saturdays from 8-9:30 a.m. on KKDS (AM-1060). It was previously broadcast on Sunday mornings.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN-FM Monday asked listeners what movies scarred them the most . . . "Dickie Shannon" on KODJ had another "Guess that Kazoo Tune" contest Monday . . . "Mick and Allen" on KURR talked about dirty public rest rooms Monday. They also sent out a station employee to report on the condition of various bathrooms in the Salt Lake area . . .

She didn't sound her normal self this week, but Peggy Ijams of "Dain and Peggy" on KSFI was doing her usual news reports each morning - despite being very hoarse . . . "Johnson and Johnson" on KUBL have a new-song-of-the-day contest, with a new pickup truck as the grand prize . . . "Mick and Ellis" on KBEE were looking for some real haunted houses this week . . .

Jon Carter on KRSP had another "Mr. Roberts" installment Monday. This one included a show-and- tell . . . KZHT has a new contest and the prize is $5,000. The station sent mailers out this week. "The Z-Morning Zoo Show" on Monday tried to decide why team member "Frank" may have not told the truth about needing a day off . . .

Mills Crenshaw on KWUN Monday talked about China and human rights . . . Tom Barberi on KALL Monday gave listeners a lesson in the history of censorship at BYU . . . "Kerry and Bill" on KXRK were broadcasting live from London, England, Monday for the start of their annual European tour . . .

Jimmy Chunga on KENZ got into the Halloween spirit Monday with morning co-host Marcus, by producing a Halloween answering machine message . . . "Uncle Nasty" on KBER Monday talked with listeners who have "bosses from hell." He also interviewed the author of a new book on that subject.