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Let's cancel Halloween

Halloween is almost as big a day of celebration for us as Christmas. But have you ever stopped to think what it is we are really celebrating? Witches, goblins, monsters, horror, blood, gore, coffins, evil. Is this something we Christians should be celebrating?

The origins of Halloween go back to the Druids. Samhain, the Druidic New Year, was celebrated on Oct. 31. All Saints Eve, originally held in May, was a Christian holiday celebrated to honor martyred Christians. It has been confused with the origins of Halloween because the day was later moved to the first of November.However, the practices of Halloween, both ancient and modern, have nothing to do with honoring martyred Christians. Instead they reflect forces of evil. For example, in "trick-or-treating," the Celtics gave food in exchange for favors from the dead and to placate demons. Bobbing for apples was a Druidic sexual divination ceremony of fertility. Our bonfires originated from the huge fires built on Halloween night for the burning of human sacrifices, originally called "bone" fires.

Today there has been a revival of witchcraft, nature worship and other Satanic religious practices moving across America and Europe. For practicing witches, Druids and Satanists of today, Halloween is still a sacred holiday. Rituals begin toward the end of September and include animal sacrifice. The climax of their celebrating ends on Halloween night with the offering of human sacrifices upon their altars and drinking of the sacrificial blood.

Well, for us it's just harmless scary "fun" we say. Is that what we want to teach our children? Do we want to be having "fun" while real human life is being lost on altars of sacrifice this night?

I am deeply concerned that Christians have been seduced into adopting a day of celebration that should be abhorrent. We should be actively opposing Halloween, exposing the powers of darkness and praying for the victims of sacrificial rituals.

NayLynn Rudd