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Ford recalling vehicles because of flying hoods

Ford Motor Co. is recalling 769,000 Windstar minivans and Mustang sports cars after complaints the hoods were flying off some of the vehicles.

The government's highway safety agency received 45 complaints that the top panel of the hoods detached from the lower panel, flying off or up against the windshield while the vehicle was moving, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report released Thursday.The lower panel remains over the engine, secured by the hood latch, the report said.

"Ford is addressing the issue and dealers will have parts shortly" to fix the vehicles, Ford spokeswoman Karen Shaughnessy said.

NHTSA spokesman Tim Hurd said the recall involves 769,000 Windstars, model years 1995-96, and Mustangs, model years 1994-96.

Motorists claimed the flying hoods caused at least two crashes and one injury. The company has told the government the likely cause was damage in earlier low-speed collisions.