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Clubs to feature punk, post-punk, hard-core punk

Following are some of the highlights for the upcoming week of club shows around the valley:

- FOUND OBJECTS, primitive guitars and ancient microphones account for some of the unusual sounds in Skeleton Key's decidedly offbeat mix of hard-core punk, funk and skronk-rock.Members of the New York quartet hail from Arkansas, Washington, D.C., and Portland, Ore., and reflect varied backgrounds. Last year, the group shared the stage with an equally diverse assortment of touring acts, including Cibo Matto, the Cramps, Helmet and Girls Against Boys.

Skeleton Key performs Tuesday, Nov. 4, at the O-Town Tavern, 2551 Washington Blvd., Ogden.

- MAYBE ABSENCE DOES make the heart grow fonder. After all, the longtime bickering ex-bandmates in Echo & The Bunnymen are suddenly buddy-buddy all over again.

The veteran English post-punk act formed in Liverpool in 1978 and released six critically acclaimed albums before disbanding in a huff in 1988. But eight years after that bitter breakup, the group reunited (minus late drummer Pete de Freitas) for "Evergreen," an album of new material.

Echo & The Bunnymen perform on Wednesday, Nov. 5, at the Zephyr Club, 201 S. West Temple. Joining them for the club show will be English pop act Longpigs. Admission is restricted to audiences 21 and older.

- TO H20 FRONTMAN Toby Morse, hard-core punk-rock music is not a fashion statement or a reason to beat up others. Instead, it "is a way of life, the music and the message."

The New York-based five-piece began in 1994 as a one-off project involving Morse, the former roadie for hard-core legends Sick of it All, but quickly rose to prominence n the strength of its moshable music and positive messages. "Thicker Than Water," the band's second CD and first for the Epitaph Records label, continues that very successful musical formula.

H20 performs on Friday, Nov. 7, at the Wasatch Event Center, 3485 S. State. Other acts on the bill for the all-ages show include touring acts Suicidal Tendencies, the Misfits, Sick of it All and (hed) pe.