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Local Births

Alta View Hospital-

BEZENEK, Cortnee and Dustin, Sandy, boy, Oct. 29.

BRIGGS, Coren and Jon, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 30.

COLE, Marlene and Philip, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 29.

COMBE, Brenda and Todd, Draper, boy, Oct. 28.

EWING, Datane, Sandy, boy, Oct. 27.

FREEMAN, Dianna and Roger, Sandy, boy, Oct. 29.

GALVAN, Julie and James, Clinton, girl, Oct. 15.

JOHNSON, Melissa, and REINERT, Chad, West Valley City, girl, Oct. 28.

LIVINGSTON, Tiffany and Justin, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 28.

MACKEY, Suzanne and Matthew, Midvale, girl, Oct. 27.

MARTIN, Lisa and Michael, Draper, girl, Oct. 28.

METTENET, Margie and John, Sandy, girl, Oct. 28.

MORRILL, Kelly, West Jordan, girl, Oct. 29.

PEREZ, Elsie and Jeff, Draper, girl, Oct. 29.

STEENSMA, Ginger and Michael, Sandy, boy, Oct. 15.

THORNE, Tera and Mike, Riverton, boy, Oct. 28.

WHITTAKER, Kathryn and Greg, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 29.

American Fork Hospital-

AGUERO, Suzanne and Jorge, Orem, girl, Sept. 9.

ANDERSON, Allison and Anthony, Orem, boy, Sept. 8.

BUHLER, Denise and Steven, Highland, girl, Sept. 10.

CASWELL, Stefanie and Caly, Provo, girl, Sept. 9

CHIPMAN, Kristin and Darin, American Fork, boy, Sept. 9.

COLEMAN, Georgette and Miles, Provo, boy, Sept. 9.

CORANBY, Marci and Thomas, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 8.

DALTON, Melanie and Jason, Pleasant Grove, girl, Sept. 4.

DAVIS, Kimberlee and Darin, Lehi, boy, Sept. 7.

EVANS, Tara and Bill, Orem, girl, Sept. 3.

FISHER, Lisa and Jeff, Pleasant Grove, boy, Sept. 7.

GINGER, Selina and Scott, Springville, boy, Sept. 3.

HARMER, Amanda and Jacob, Pleasant Grove, girl, Sept. 5.

HASLAM, Diane and James, Lehi, girl, Sept. 7.

JOHNSON, Kora and Jason, Lehi, boy, Sept. 6.

KENDALL, Christianne and Russell, Provo, girl, Sept. 6.

MERCER, Leslie and Robert, Pleasant Grove, girl, Sept. 9.

NUCKLES, Heather and Dennis, American Fork, boy, Sept. 10.

PACK, Lori and Darin, Lehi, boy, Sept. 6.

PAYNE, Laurie and Marvin, Alpine, girl, Sept. 5.

SEDDON, Amber and Andrew, Pleasant Grove, boy, Sept. 6.

SORENSEN, Wanda and Ronnie, Moroni, girl, Sept., 10.

SPRAGUE, Marjorie and Nathan, Orem, boy, Sept. 10.

STORMS, Diane and Mike, American Fork, girl, Sept. 5.

STOUT, Julie and Brandon, Provo, boy, Sept. 4.

TAYLOR, Bernadette and Kevin, Cedar Hills, boy, Sept. 5.

TICHNER, Robyn and Troy, Lehi, girl, Sept. 9.

TRANSTRUM, Belina and Jason, American Fork, boy, Sept. 6.

VELAZQUES, Sobeyda, Orem, girl, Sept. 6.

WEBB, Corral, Pleasant Grove, boy, Sept. 9.

WILSON, Leslie and Brad, Lehi, boy, Sept. 10.

YOUNG, Holly and Robert, Provo, girl, Sept. 5.

YOUNG, Tracy and Leo, Provo, girl, Sept. 10.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BENNETT, Jeanette and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 29.

COX, Rayes and Douglas, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 29.

DEWAAL, Jolene and Matthew, Sandy, girl, Oct. 28.

FOLKERSEN, Lorri and Rod, Sandy, boy, Oct. 28.

HENNEBERGER, Dana and Rob, Layton, girl, Oct. 29.

HINTZE, Joanne and James, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 28.

KEOUGH, Lynn and Michael, Sandy, boy, Oct. 28.

KING, Diana and Marc, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 28.

KINIKINI, Ana and Kime, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 29.

LEMMON, Stephanie, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 29.

McKEWAR, Emily and Nathan, Springville, boy, Oct. 29.

SALAZAR, Kerith and Michael, Salt Lake City, twins, girl and boy, Oct. 29.

TIDWELL, Wendy and Lyle, Sandy, girl, Oct. 29.

VEENENDAAL, Diana and Dale, Sandy, girl, Oct. 28.

WILLIAMS, Millie and Brent, Draper, girl, Oct. 29.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

BURDETT, Margaret, Roy, girl, Oct. 17.

CAMPBELL, Jill and Jared, Syracuse, girl, Oct. 21.

CUTSHAW, Stephanie and Curtis, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 23.

DAHLKE, Jodi and Jeff, Roy, boy, Oct. 21.

EMMANUEL, Tracy and John, Layton, girl, Oct. 20.

GARCIA, Linda, Layton, boy, Oct. 21.

GARLICK, Jessica and Troy, Kaysville, girl, Oct. 17.

JOHNSON, Heather and Blake, Clearfield, girl, Oct. 17.

JONES, Lezlee and Andrew, Layton, girl, Oct. 17.

LEONARD, Sarah, Bountiful, boy, Oct. 17.

McBRIDE, Tara and Matt, Clearfield, girl, Oct. 21.

NORTON, Kristina and Brian, Layton, boy, Oct. 20.

RAYMOND, Kally and Jeremy, Centerville, boy, Oct. 23.

SCHUTT, Theresa and Wade, Hill AFB, boy, Oct. 21.

STEADMAN, Cody and Collin, Clinton, boy, Oct. 22.

TERVORT, Shantelle, and SOTO, Joe, Layton, girl, Oct. 19.

VEILLON, Elizabeth and Charles, Hill AFB, boy, Oct. 23.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

ADAMS, Dana and John, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 27.

DIXON, Teri and Kelly, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 24.

ESTRELLA, Chandra and Jim, West Jordan, girl, Oct. 28.

GEORGE, Jennifer, Magna, boy, Oct. 26.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Rebecca and Kimm, Sandy, girl, Oct. 29.

ANDERSON, Vicki and Thomas, Riverton, girl, Oct. 29.

BROWN, Carol and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 29.

JONES, Amy and Christopher, Grantsville, boy, Oct. 29.

PAZOS, Mayanin and Edgar, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 29.

Orem Community Hospital-

ANDERSON, Kanani, Provo, boy, Oct. 18.

LOWE, Tarina and Eric, Orem, girl, Oct. 20.

LeBARON, Sonya and Ronald, Orem, boy, Oct. 20.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

LAWSON, Maria, and DELGADO, Jorge, West Valley City, girl, Oct. 28.

MASUD, Salman, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 28.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ADAMS, Shannon and Mike, Provo, girl, Oct. 25.

ALLSUP, Kim and Blayne, Provo, boy, Oct. 25.

BOULARD, Valerie, and KNOLDEN, Leonard, Tooele, girl, Oct. 24.

BUSBY, Shannan and Kevin, Provo, boy, Oct. 24.

CARLSON, Lori and Joseph, Orem, boy, Oct. 21.

CLARK, Holly and Lynn, Orem, girl, Oct. 21.

CLAYSON, Tami, and SMITH, Jeremy, Spanish Fork, boy, Oct. 22.

DAVIS, Holly and Kenion, Salem, boy, Oct. 21.

DEMAREE, Melissa and Kevin, Orem, boy, Oct. 21.

DISTEFANO, Monica and Perry, Provo, boy, Oct. 21.

ELEGANTE, Joni and John, Orem, girl, Oct. 21.

EVANS, Katrina and Michael, Provo, boy, Oct. 21.

FISCUS, Sharon and Eric, Provo, girl, Oct. 23.

FRODSHAM, Rebecca and Nathan, Provo, boy, Oct. 21.

GARCIA, Maura and Humberto, Provo, boy, Oct. 24.

GLENN, Lori and Mathew, Provo, boy, Oct. 22.

GREEN, Julie and Nathan, Provo, boy, Oct. 21.

HOLMAN, Julie and Brad, Provo, girl, Oct. 24.

HORROCKS, Rachel and Shawn, Springville, boy, Oct. 21.

HUNTER, Elizabeth and Randy, Lindon, boy, Oct. 22.

JENSEN, Marina and John, Provo, boy, Oct. 21.

KERR, Beverly and Paul, Provo, boy, Oct. 24.

KIRBY, Angela and Sean, Orem, girl, Oct. 21.

KNIGHT, Sheila and Orlo, Provo, boy, Oct. 21.

KUNZ, Janalee and Karl, Provo, girl, Oct. 22.

MILLER, Heather and Kim, Orem, boy, Oct. 24.

NEILSON, Tasha and Chad, Springville, boy, Oct. 21.

PINO, Rikki and Jesse, Provo, boy, Oct. 22.

POPHAM, Robyn and Aaron, Provo, boy, Oct. 22.

PRATT, Gail and David, Orem, girl, Oct. 21.

RADLE, Julie and Robert, Pleasant Grove, girl, Oct. 22.

RASMUSSEN, Heather and Travis, Orem, boy, Oct. 23.

RHODES, Jodi and Kevin, Lehi, girl, Oct. 22.

STAHELI, Jana and Chad, Provo, boy, Oct. 25.

SWEETEN, Cindy and Colen, Springville, girl, Oct. 23.

WATKINS, Jennifer and Burke, Pleasant Grove, girl, Oct. 25.

WILLIAMS, Carol and Drew, Mapleton, girl, Oct. 24.

WOLFGRAMM, Edwina and Leonard, Provo, girl, Oct. 23.