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Pierce column was unfair

I feel compelled to respond to Scott Pierce's second pompous diatribe (Friday, Sept. 26) regarding KSL's decision to tape delay the BYU/SMU football game. Pierce is certainly entitled to his opinion, and even though he has the barrels of ink to express that opinion on a daily basis, it is still just one man's opinion.

Unfortunately, for someone claiming to be a journalist, Pierce still has a hard time getting his facts straight. KSL-TV made the best decision it could given the circumstances. And I will believe the fine people I've worked with for the past 15 years over Pierce any day. It must be a blessing for Pierce to work at a paper that's never had to balance its readers' interest with business interests.On a personal note, Pierce's attack on Amanda Dickson was unfair, and for someone claiming to be a journalist, inaccurate. In the first place, it's D-I-C-K-S-O-N. One would think such a skilled jour-nalist could at least get the name spelled correctly.

Secondly, it was not Amanda who said, "Shame on you, Scott Pierce," on the air. Apparently Mr. Pierce doesn't believe a columnist has the same obligation as a journalist to be accurate. Finally, Amanda has never claimed to be a journalist, unlike Pierce. But after being married to her for five years and watching her go to law school while she worked full-time, I'll take Amanda's credibility and intelligence over someone who spends most of his day watching "I Love Lucy" reruns.

Scott Seeger