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Local births

Columbia Ogden Regional Medical Center-

BARLOW, Mary and Karl, Willard, girl, Sept. 17.

BATTISTI, Christie and Darren, Harrisville, boy, Sept. 15.

BIBLER, Randi and Scott, Ogden, girl, Sept. 22.

BRADSBY, Carmen and Darren, Roy, girl, Sept. 22.

BUDGE, Jeanie and James, Layton, boy, Sept. 21.

COLLARD, Connie and Mark, Hooper, girl, Sept. 16.

COOK, April and Rosville, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 15.

CRANK, Kimberly and Timothy, South Ogden, girl, Sept. 19.

CROSTHWAIT, Susan and Mark, Ogden, boy, Sept. 16.

DUMAS, Denise and Gregory, South Ogden, boy, Sept. 18.

FORTIE, Kami and Scott, Logan, boy, Sept. 22.

GLADWELL, Stacie and Timothy, Ogden, boy, Sept. 21.

GRAHAM, Natalie and Edward, Roy, girl, Sept. 15.

HAMBLIN, Lawni and Lance, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 21.

HARRIS, Rayne and Joseph, Morgan, boy, Sept. 18.

HELLEWELL, Summer and Joshua, Brigham City, girl, Sept. 17.

KUNZ, Rona and Quinn, Roy, girl, Sept. 17.

LUDDINGTON, Cherry and Adrien, Ogden, girl, Sept. 15.

MANNING, Tanya and Ryan, Ogden, girl, Sept. 16.

MARCHANT, Stacey and Brian, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 16.

MARKER, Kimberlee and Casey, Roy, girl, Sept. 18.

MARTINEZ, Maria and Rodrigo, Ogden, boy, Sept. 18.

McCLEARY, Ann and John, Layton, boy, Sept. 16.

MOSS, Michelle and Dustin, Sunset, girl, Sept. 17.

PETERSEN, Genesis and Patrick, Clearfield, girl, Sept. 18.

RANGEL, Angelica and Luis, Ogden, girl, Sept. 18.

SCHNEIDER, Brenda and Kerry, Farr West, boy, Sept. 22.

SEARING, Tamara and Gregory, Roy, girl, Sept. 16.

SMITH, Shalamar and Thomas, Ogden, girl, Sept. 20.

SMULLEN, Jana and Clifford, Ogden, girl, Sept. 16.

STEVENS, Stacey and David, Clinton, boy, Sept. 16.

WAGSTAFF, Deborah and Kenneth, Ogden, girl, Sept. 15.

WALKER, Pamela and Roger, North Ogden, girl, Sept. 22.

WILTZIUS, Mary-Anne and James, Ogden, boy, Sept. 18.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BIRD, Ardis and Greg, Midvale, boy, Oct. 1.

CHUNG, Rosemary and Jeff, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 2.

HANSEN, Julie and Steven, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 2.

HAWKINS, Deanna and James, Midvale, boy, Oct. 2.

JACOWAY, Jamie and Julie, Sandy, girl, Oct. 2.

JONES, Mary and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 2.

LEAVITT, Lisa and Allen, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 2.

TRUJILLO, Kristy, and BROWN, Joshua, Sandy, girl, Oct. 2.

LDS Hospital-

HANDLEY, Laura and Darren, Salt Lake City, Triplets, two girls, boy, Oct. 2.

BENSON, Kimberly, Tooele, girl, Oct. 2.

DAY, Penny and Robert, West Jordan, girl, Oct. 2.

FIDLER, Laura and Philip, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 2.

GILLESPIE, Colleen and Grant, North Salt Lake, girl, Oct. 2.

GRIGGS, Lynne, and BROWN, Donald, Park City, boy, Oct. 2.

McBRIDE, Jillian, and ALFONSECA, Luis, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 2.

McCONKIE, Trina and Joel, Woods Cross, boy, Oct. 2.

NIELSEN, Ashley, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 2.

SCHOLLE, Laksana, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 2.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

AIRAM, Krista and Julius, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 2.

BARROS, Jenny and Paul, Ogden, girl, Oct. 1.

BRACKEN, Elizabeth and Allan, Ogden, boy, Oct. 1.

BUTLER, Angela and Brent, Ogden, boy, Oct. 2.

CORDON, Karen and Shane, Holladay, girl, Oct. 2.

GWYNN, Jessica, Roy, girl, Oct. 1.

HARMON, Amy and Bret, West Point, boy, Oct. 1.

HERNANDEZ, Olga and Heriberto, Layton, girl, Oct. 1.

LEDESMA, Dawnielle and Michael, Ogden, girl, Oct. 1.

LOSOYA, Sagraria and Daniel, Clearfield, girl, Oct. 2.

LUKES, Shay and Mark, Ogden, boy, Oct. 2.

McMANIS, Deborah and Cliff, Huntsville, boy, Oct. 2.

PETERSON, Andraya and Dustin, Ogden, boy, Oct. 1.

RICHINS, Jennifer and Bryant, Morgan, boy, Oct. 2.

RYAN, Denise and Andrew, Ogden, girl, Oct. 2.

THOMAS, Kathleen and Daniel, Ogden, boy, Oct. 2.

WAYMENT, Tamara and William, Ogden, boy, Sept. 30.

Orem Community Hospital-

BURKE, Mahinaonapua and Russell, Orem, boy, Sept. 24.

CARTER, Connie, Payson, boy, Aug. 26.

CORBETT, Rosa and Craig, Orem, boy, Sept. 23.

HENRY, Elizabeth and Shane, Orem, girl, Sept. 23.

HOLMES, Patricia and Shawn, Heber City, boy, Sept. 23.

LANE, Tiffany and Scott, Orem, boy, Sept. 23.

LYLE, Kristin and Daniel, Provo, girl, Sept. 24.

MAGARRELL, Jessica and James, Payson, boy, Sept. 23.

SACKETT, Carla and Robert, Orem, boy, Sept. 24.

SALGADO, Amy and Fernando, Provo, boy, Sept. 23.

TURLEY, Melonie and Garth, Orem, girl, Sept. 23.

VANDEWEGHE, Robin and Michael, Heber City, girl, Sept. 24.