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It's the same old song from Jordan: If Phil goes, Michael goes

Michael Jordan didn't budge Friday, reiterating what he said all last year: If Phil Jackson leaves after this season - and both the coach and management insist he's outta here - Jordan will retire.

"I'm very consistent with what I've always said. That's what I mean. If Phil's not going to be here, I'm certainly not going to be here," Jordan said after the Bulls' first practice of the preseason.What if Jackson goes to another team next season? Jordan said he's not following.

"No. Totally. I would quit. I wouldn't say quit, I'd retire."

So Jordan won't play for any coach other than Jackson or any team other than the Bulls, right?

"That's exactly the way I feel right now in my career," Jordan said.

Could that change?

"Huh-uh. Not at all," Jordan said.

Can Jordan use his considerable influence with owner Jerry Reinsdorf to get Jackson back, say, should the Bulls win a sixth NBA title?

"My influence doesn't have anything to do with his decision-making. He has his own vision of what this team's future holds. We take that and deal with it. If that means Phil's not here, it means Phil's not here," Jordan said.

Jackson said he'd encourage Jordan to play another year, even if he's not around.

Jordan says thanks, but no thanks.