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12-year-old shoots friend in arm after boys find gun in W. Jordan

A boy was shot in the arm while he and some friends were playing with a revolver at a West Jordan home Friday.

The boys found the weapon in the basement about 3:30 p.m. A 12-year-old fired the gun, and the bullet hit the upper right arm of his 13-year-old friend, said West Jordan police Lt. Dave Eyre.Paramedics took him to the Jordan Valley Hospital, where he was treated and released. Police didn't release the victim's name because of his age.

The boy's parents were storing the .357 magnum at their house, near 8500 South and 2200 West, for protection, Eyre said.

Police took the gun as evidence until police finish investigating.

It appears to be an accidental shooting, so it is unlikely officers will arrest anyone, he said.