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Church leader critically hurt in accident

Elder Andrew W. Peterson, 50, of the Seventy and president of the Mexico North Area was critically injured the weekend of Sept. 28 in a trail bike accident while his family was preparing to leave the family cabin in Parleys Canyon near Salt Lake City.

He was injured when the bike went out of control and over an embankment. Efforts to resuscitate him were made at the scene by family members before medical help arrived. A helicopter transported him to the hospital.Three days after the accident, Elder Peterson remained in critical condition at the University of Utah Medical Center.

As president of the Mexico North Area, Elder Peterson lives in Monterrey, Mexico, and was visiting Salt Lake City to attend general conference. Called to the First Quorum of the Seventy in October 1994, he served as second counselor in the Mexico North Area Presidency in 1995, as first counselor in 1996 and as president in 1997.

He is a former president of the Mexico Merida Mission, regional representative and stake president. He was also national vice president of the Church fraternity Sigma Gamma Chi in 1992-93. Prior to his calling as a General Authority, he was a Salt Lake area dentist. He and his wife, Christine, are the parents of eight children.