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Seagulls are a big nuisance

Lately we've been hearing about people being annoyed with pigeons and then ducks being fed by neighbors and having to put up with not only the noise these birds make but the droppings being left along the way.

Let me put my 2 cents worth in. What about the seagulls and the squawking they make in the early spring mornings and the droppings they leave behind? I live in such an area where the seagulls, for some unknown reason, fly the same route each and every spring morning, as well as each and every year. They take off in a group from a nearby schoolyard, fly a short distance north, then turn south directly over my house and driveway, then east and around and around and around the same route and leaving their droppings everywhere. Once the squawking is heard, we run for shelter quickly because these birds aim straight. And if we don't run fast enough and if we're not lucky enough to have an umbrella handy, we humans are the targets.However, our problem is that we are not permitted to knock off a dozen or so of these birds, as much as we'd like to, because the seagull is our state bird and the law disallows us to destroy them. I believe these seagulls must know they are protected by the law, or why would they continue their harassment?

Well, to the people who have to contend with pigeons, ducks, seagulls and the like, all I can say is we can just be thankful that elephants don't fly.

Blanche Petersen

South Salt Lake