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Family, friends, teammates eulogize Harvey

A week after fulfilling his dream as a Division 1-A football starter and five days after dying of a severely bruised heart in an I-15 rollover, BYU cornerback Terrence Harvey was laid to rest Saturday afternoon in his native Las Vegas.

Funeral services concluded the grieving, healing and memorializing that was spread over the week following Monday's late-night accident. A passenger in a vehicle traveling an estimated 90 mph just south of Provo, Harvey - who was not wearing a seat belt - was ejected from the vehicle as it swerved and rolled while trying to avoid merging traffic.Fellow cornerbacks Roderick Foreman and Tony Fields were injured in the accident.

Cougar players and coaches paid their final respects to Harvey in a closed memorial service Thursday afternoon in the Cougar Club Room under the west stands of Cougar Stadium.

BYU fans paid their tribute to Harvey with a moment of silence before Friday night's game against Utah State. And Y. teammates honored their deceased defensive back by wearing a black sticker with his initials on the back of their helmets.

Coach LaVell Edwards and secondary assistants Barry Lamb and Brian Mitchell represented the team and the university at Harvey's services in Las Vegas. BYU had planned to charter a bus for players to travel to Las Vegas, but Thursday's services provided the team an appropriate final farewell.

For the team event in Provo, Harvey's body was dressed in his No. 5 blue home Cougar jersey and white uniform pants, his helmet on a stand at the head of his royal-blue casket. The inside lid displayed an art rendering of a BYU football helmet, while the handles bore Harvey's No. 5 jersey number on them.

Edwards spoke to the team; Lamb and Mitchell offered prayers. A group of Polynesian players sang. And some 30 hours later, coaches and players had to regroup one more time, this time in front of a crowd of nearly 66,000 to play a football game - an athletic and entertainment event that lost a lot of luster with the loss of a young life.