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Monumental corruption

The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance director, Scott Groene, wrote in your Sept. 10 issue to criticize correspondent Lee Davidson's coverage of issues surrounding the politically corrupt designation by President Clinton of the huge national monument in Kane and Garfield counties. Groene takes exception to Davidson's statement that the monument locked up "the world's largest deposit of clean-burning `super compliance' coal." In support of his challenge, Groene cites, "A United States, March 1997 report. . . ." Now that's interesting. A U.S. report? Two questions. Doesn't anyone want to take credit for this so-called report? Or are we to merely nod approvingly and say "Ah yes, Scott, a U.S. report sounds like gospel to me"?

According to Groene, the so-called "U.S. report" found that the Kaiparowits coal would be uneconomic to develop in the foreseeable future. Whoa. We were told that Clinton did what he did to stop development of one mine that was on the cusp of producing that reserve. Who do we believe? A vague "U.S. report" or the assertions of a company that had already put some $10 million of its own money on the table to produce the coal based on its apolitical determination that it could produce the resource at a profit? The bureaucrats who wrote the "U.S. report" were doing as their boss instructed and drawing the conclusions they needed to further political purposes. Groene's doing the same.Tara Gage