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Service is not slave labor

Kent R. Bean's defense of mandated service for school credit was lacking. These true elitists and bureaucrats are not happy taking sizable chunks of our paychecks and intervening into every aspect of our lives, now they want to dictate how we spend our "nonworking" time. Service is not servitude. If we had some moral judges sitting on the bench rather than a group of activist judges, this whole idea would be thrown out as unconstitutional. They supposedly cannot take our property without compensation, but now people's time has become open season and there for the taking. It is unprotected by law because it is called something other than work and with work a person is required to receive minimum wage for his/her efforts.

I call upon the governor and the other officials advocating "mandated service" to be truthful and honest and call it what is really is, involuntary servitude or slave labor. Service it is not. Perhaps the advocates of this position believe it makes some difference what name they call it, after all the IRS calls income taxes "voluntary." What a bureaucratic abuse of the English language. I wonder if rephrasing the words makes these people feel better about what they do to other people, or if they think that using less emotionally packed words is suppose to make the masses feel better about being pommeled.Voluntary service is a great idea and should be encouraged, not forced. Mandatory service is a lie and a misnomer. But then that concept has been around awhile, let's force all people to do good works. Maybe that is where the author, whom Mr. Bean was so critical of, got the comparison of mandated service to Stalin.

Mandated service - kill it before it grows.

Bruce A. Nieveen