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N. Ireland

BELFAST - After nearly three decades of strife, Northern Ireland's feuding parties will launch full-scale peace negotiations in Belfast Tuesday.


TOKYO - Japan's tax authorities will soon file criminal complaints against several professional baseball stars for taking part in a tax evasion scheme, the Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun reported.

TOKYO - An unidentified hacker gained access to an in-house computer network run by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT), Japan's telecommunications giant said.


MINSK - A senior Belarussian official and member of parliament, Nikolai Mikolutsky, died in an explosion Monday and state radio said he was the victim of a contract killing.


KATMANDU - The leader of Nepal's party of former royalists staked a claim to form a centrist government after a communist-dominated coalition fell in a no-confidence vote.


NAIROBI - Kenyan authorities have refused to legalize Safina, a political party condemned by President Daniel arap Moi since it was created in 1995, co-founder Richard Leakey said.


BONN - Otto Ernst Remer, the Nazi general who foiled a coup attempt against Adolf Hitler that would have changed the course of history, died Saturday in Spain at age 85, the German Foreign Ministry said.


DIYARBAKIR - Security forces have killed 18 Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels in clashes in southeast Turkey in the last week, security officials said.


PHNOM PENH - The European Union is waiting for Cambodia to pass key electoral legislation before deciding whether to give Phnom Penh some $10.5 million in aid for elections next May, an EU official said.


MADRID - The trial of 23 leaders of the political wing of Basque ETA guerrillas was postponed after defense attorneys demanded that a judge be removed from the case because of bias.


NICOSIA - Fire services continued to douse a burning cruise liner in the Cyprus port of Limassol on Monday as an inquiry started into the accident that forced the evacuation of 700 passengers and crew members two days earlier.


MEXICO CITY (AP) - A former Roman Catholic archbishop in Mexico says donations to the church by drug traffickers should not be rejected merely because the money was earned illegally.


ROME - The ground in central Italy continued to tremble 11 days after a pair of earthquakes caused widespread damage, but the shocks were minor and no new destruction was reported.


OTTAWA - Canada's Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy said Israel agreed to probe the use of Canadian passports in a bungled assassination plot by suspected Israeli agents but fell short of promising it would not happen again.

United Kingdom

CHESTER - Two teenage girls who stole flowers left outside a town hall in memory of Princess Diana were fined 90 pounds each by a court.