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JERUSALEM - The Red Cross handed over 60,000 World War II-era documents to Israel Tuesday and admitted a "moral failure" in failing to speak out against the Nazi genocide that killed 6 million Jews.Nepal

KATHMANDU - Nepal's King Birendra on Tuesday swore in Surya Bahadur Thapa as the Himalayan kingdom's fourth prime minister in three years at the head of a government dominated by former royalists.


TOKYO - In a possible breakthrough in relations, Japan may announce this week that it will join other nations in sending food aid to famine-hit North Korea, government sources said.

TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto will visit Saudi Arabia in November, the government said on Tuesday. Japan's oil diplomacy is shifting into high gear ahead of tough talks to renew a key oil concession.

TOKYO - Donor countries and international or-gan-i-za-tions pledged $250 million in a fresh aid package for Mongolia on Tuesday in a strong message supporting its market-economy reforms, officials at an aid conference in Tokyo said.


ALGIERS - Acting under darkness, armed men surrounded a group of houses south of Algiers and slit the throats of their 16 sleeping inhabitants, witnesses said.


ISTANBUL - Around 300 Turkish female students staged a sit-down demonstration Tuesday to protest university authorities' refusal to register them because they wore Islamic headscarves.


ISLAMABAD - The anti-Taliban alliance took the strategically important town of Hairaton on the border between Afghanistan and the former soviet republic of Uzbekistan on Tuesday, a Pakistan-based news agency said.


KIEV - Sixteen people were killed and two badly injured when a train slammed into a bus in central Ukraine on Tuesday, an Emergencies Ministry spokesman said.


MOSCOW - Russian President Boris Yeltsin, trying to avert a showdown with the Communist-led parliament, told his government on Tuesday to find a way to ensure the legislature passed its budget plan.


JAKARTA - All 16 crew members were rescued after Indonesian tanker M.T. Per-maisuri caught fire overnight in the Strait of Malacca, Indonesian rescue officials said.

JAKARTA - Famine and disease caused by the worst drought in a half-century have claimed at least 413 lives in western New Guinea, news reports in Jakarta said.

Sri Lanka

COLOMBO - Sri Lankan troops trying to capture a key northern highway fought off ferocious attacks by Tamil Tiger rebels, and military officials on Tuesday reported more than 400 dead in two days of heavy fighting.


HO CHI MINH CITY - A bus without a parking brake slid off a ferry and plunged into the Mekong River in southern Vietnam, killing five passengers, police said Tuesday.


PHNOM PENH - A Cambodian-born U.S. citizen was killed over the weekend in a drive-by shooting on a busy street in Phnom Penh, police said Tuesday.