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`Challenged' mom faces charges she killed baby

A Springville woman who is charged with manslaughter for the drowning death of her newborn child made her first appearance in 4th District Court Tuesday.

Tifany Johnson, 25, heard the charge against her read by Judge Lynn W. Davis. A waiver hearing, at which Johnson's attorney is expected to discuss a possible plea bargain with prosecutors, was scheduled for Nov. 3.Prosecutors allege that on April 29, Johnson gave birth into a toilet and then left the baby there. An autopsy allegedly revealed that the child was alive at birth and died from drowning.

Johnson's attorney said she is "intellectually challenged." She was unaware she was pregnant because she had taken a home pregnancy test with negative results, he said.

Johnson was charged with the second-degree felony in August. If convicted, she could face a maximum penalty of one to 15 years in prison.