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Q: How much of a nutritional difference does it make whether I order a burger or sandwich with or without cheese?A. Unless it is specifically labeled as low-fat, adding cheese to your burger or sandwich usually adds a substantial toll - 9 grams of fat and about 100 calories. The American Institute for Cancer Research says to limit fat and calories, forego the cheese.

However if you consume less than the two or more cups of milk or yogurt a day needed to supply the recommended amount of calcium, keep the cheese and hold the mayo. If you eat a salad, go for low-fat dressing.

You can also balance the fat in the cheese by skipping the fries or chips, and ordering broth-based soup or fruit instead.

In short . . . if you wanted a cheeseburger and fries . . . forget it!


Retro rocks. Especially TV nostalgia. So it's no wonder Parkay is bringing back the "Talking Tub." They refer to the eloquent margarine spread as "an American Cultural Icon from the '70s."

It was. Two simple words, "BUTTER" and "PARKAY" have been imbedded in consumer memories for all these years.

Soon, Parkay will be speaking to us once more, using new technology. The talking tub will have computer-driven mouth-like movements.

We have a theory. Senior Wences from the oh-so bubbly Ed Sullivan show was the original Parkay voice.

S'all right? S'all right!


From the weird mail department: A large package containing a multicolored pom-pom arrived at the food desk.

The meaning of this odd item?

Included in the cheerleading kit was a packet of instant stain remover . . . SHOUT.


Melodie Moore has written "Vim and Vinegar," a collection of hundreds of uses for vinegar. Our favorites:

- When dieting, drink a tonic of 2 cups warm water with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal. Helps reduce the appetite. (OH REALLY?)

- Protect skin from windburn by applying a protective layer of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Rub a small amount on the face and other exposed skin areas. (ADD A HEAD OF LETTUCE AND YOU'VE GOT DINNER!)