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Huntsman to enter U. Hall of Fame

Jon M. Huntsman, chairman and chief executive officer of Huntsman Corp. and Huntsman Chemical Corp., will be inducted in the David Eccles School of Business Hall of Fame at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 8, in the Thomas Gallery in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah.

"We could not find a more qualified candidate for this award. Mr. Huntsman epitomizes excellence in business practices and is a great example to our students of masterful business leadership," said John W. Seybolt, school dean.According to Seybolt, Huntsman will be cited for his exceptional entrepreneurial skills and sophisticated management practice in build-ing his company into the largest privately held chemical company in the United States.

Scheduled to speak during the ceremony is Elder David B. Haight, a member of the Council of the Twelve, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Huntsman's father-in-law.

Other speakers will be Jon M. Huntsman Jr., vice chairman of Huntsman Corp.; Peter A. Huntsman, president and chief operating officer; and A. Blaine Huntsman, a brother and former dean of the business school.

Huntsman serves on numerous corporate, civic and cultural boards including the board of governors of the American Red Cross and co-chairman of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. He previously was vice chairman of the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and is past chairman of the board of the Utah Symphony.

The inductee is well known for his philanthropy, having donated $100 million and raised an additional $51 million to fund the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the U. The Huntsman Center at the U. is named after him and he also is known for loaning his private jet airplane to provide transportation for injured people.