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Utah Valley PAF group sets Saturday meet on computers

The Utah Valley PAF Users Group will meet at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 11, at the "Red" LDS Chapel at 4000 N. Timpview Drive (650 East).

Donald R. Snow will speak on "Doing Family History Electronically." Snow will discuss some ways computers and the Internet are being used in genealogy and family history work, including storing and retrieving data, communications and research. Snow is the vice president of the PAF Users Group.After Snow's presentation, class sessions will be held on computing and genealogy. The classes are all levels from beginning to advanced and include classes about Personal Ancestral File, FamilySearch, FamilyOrigin, Family Tree Maker and other programs and databases.

For more information about the Utah Valley PAF Users Group and its meetings, see their home page on the Internet at (http://genealogy.-org/uvpafug/). For telephone information call the BYU Family History Library, 378-6200.