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Trucking letter inaccurate

I am a 34-year veteran in the trucking industry and also a recent retiree with 10 years at UPS prior to retiring.

Neldon B. Jensen from Salt Lake City used your letters column on Wednesday, Sept. 24, to give inaccurate and misleading information to the Readers' Forum.I believe that since I worked in that industry as long as stated above, and Mr. Jensen probably has never seen the inside of a truck nor does he know anything about the transportation industry, and his comments are as misrepresented as they can be.

I have been a member of Local 222 Teamsters for the past 36 years, and his comment of taking your wife and boss out to dinner on dues paid is outlandish hogwash. You can't feed three adults at any decent restaurant for $36.50.

Alvine E. Webb

West Valley City