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Death: Helen Lowe Bamberger Colby

Helen Lowe Bamberger Colby was born December 21, 1909 in Salt Lake City, the only daughter of Irving Dewitt Lowe and Katherine Naisbitt Lowe. Mrs. Colby attended East High School and the University of Utah. She was married to John E. Bamberger, son of Eleanor and Earnest Bamberger on January 21, 1931. Mr. Bamberger died in 1944. Mrs. Colby was a member of the Salt Lake Country Club and the Ambassador Club.

Mrs. Colby shared an interest in show dogs and horses with Ivan R. Colby, whom she married, March 4, 1954. Mr. Colby died in 1978.Mrs. Colby was a major benefactor of the University of Utah Medical Center, the Utah Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the National Federation of the Blind, Salt Lake Chapter, through generous donations during her lifetime from the Helen Lowe Bamberger Colby Charitable Foundation.

Mrs. Colby will be buried near her parents and husband, Ivan Colby in Mount Olivet Cemetery following a private ceremony.

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