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Prove aid goes unused

Your column "Stifle soaring college costs" in the Sept 29-30 Deseret News was good. However, I am particularly interested in the statement in the sixth paragraph: "There also are many private and government grant and aid programs that go unused."

Can you identify and list them? As a high school counselor I strive to educate parents about sources of funding for college, and I encounter similar statements all the time, but no one can document the unused funds or their sources. Can you? If so, please do.Otherwise, I will continue to regard that statement as myth rather than fact, and will have a little less regard for your fine newspaper for printing unsubstantiated information.

Incidentally, I don't care if you print my letter. Just please find for me the list of unused funds so I can direct my students to them!

John Izatt

Counselor, Davis High School