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Most gun toters obey law

Your editorial urging the Utah Legislature to change Utah's concealed weapons law was heavy on emotion but light on facts. By stating that "employers, both those in the private and public sectors, need to be able to adopt rules and policies that provide for safety in the workplace" you imply there is evidence that the population of licensed carry permit owners is a threat to innocent people.

There isn't any such evidence. In fact, the largest and most statistically valid study to date (conducted at The University of Chicago over 15 years, gathering crime data from every county in the United States) actually shows a significant reduction of violent crime in areas that legislated greater freedom to carry concealed weapons.You mention poll numbers showing public support for more restrictions on licensed carry permit holders. How the public feels about this issue is largely driven by a constant bombardment of vivid yet wildly inaccurate images of licensed gun toters roaming the streets with chips on their shoulders looking for an excuse to draw on someone. In the real world however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite the dire predictions of gun control advocates in every state that has legislated greater freedom to carry concealed firearms, there have been no blood-soaked streets where every disagreement is punctuated by gunfire. The reason for this is simple: The people licensed to carry concealed weapons obey the law. The overwhelming majority are responsible citizens who abhor violence as much as the most zealous gun control advocate. If all Americans behaved as lawfully as the million or so citizens who own concealed carry permits, the majority of America's law enforcement personnel would be unnecessary.

Thomas E. Sorensen