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Student's death draws a ban on beer at tailgaters

A tailgate party without beer? Angry over Homecoming Weekend rowdiness and the death of a student who had been drinking, the chancellor at UMass has imposed just such a ban.

Chancellor David Scott ordered the ban on alcohol at football tailgate parties Wednesday after autopsy results confirmed that a 21-year-old student killed during Homecoming Weekend had been drinking.The student, Adam Prentice, bled to death Sept. 27 after falling through the roof of a campus greenhouse about 1:30 a.m. and then breaking another section of glass to bust his way out of the building.

No one has come forward who witnessed the accident; investigators believe Prentice climbed up onto the roof and the glass gave way. His blood alcohol level was found to be above the state's legal limit for drivers, 0.08 percent, said campus Police Chief John Luippold.

The death was not directly related to tailgating - it happened early on a Saturday morning. But at that afternoon's parties, some 1,000 tailgaters engaged in unruly behavior, many of them skipping the game entirely, said Kay Scanlan, a university spokeswoman.