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And the loser is . . .

There's a winner - make that loser - in the annual network cancellation derby. The first new show the season to get the ax is UPN's "Head Over Heels."

(And the announcement was made before four new series have even had a chance to debut on various networks.)And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving show.

The Tuesday-night sitcom about a Miami dating service was sleazy, suggestive, offensive and devoid of humor. What a combination!

The bigger question is how this show ever got on the air in the first place. And it certainly speaks to the level of program development at UPN.

Also speaking to that same issue is the fact that "Head" will complete its order of 13 episodes before production is shut down - permanently. And it may or may not continue to show up on UPN's schedule until the network can decide what to put in its place.

The cancellation is the first programming move by new UPN President and CEO Dan Valentine, who recently moved over to the pseudo-network from his post as president of Disney television. And expect more moves before long - Valentine recently hired Tom Nunan as executive vice president of entertainment, pulling him away from NBC Studios, where he was in charge of prime-time series, and the two are expected to shake things up a bit.

Certainly, the folks at KJZZ-Ch. 14 (the local UPN affiliate) would be happy to see some hits come out of the network wannabe.

HELLO AND GOODBYE: Not that the wonderful world of television is somewhat mercurial, but before yours truly even had a chance to write about Fox turning "Fox After Breakfast" into "The Vicki Lawrence Show," the network canceled "Vicki."

All those great quotes with Lawrence talking about how this was a vindication for her after her syndicated show was canceled . . . right down the tube.

Well, that part of the story is still sort of fun.

LIKE WE BELIEVE THAT: OK, we've suspended disbelief for a long time already on "Friends." We've accepted that somebody like Jennifer Anniston (who plays Rachel) could be in love with somebody like David Schwimmer (who plays Ross).

But on the Nov. 6 episode of the show, Ross' new girlfriend will be played by supermodel Rebecca Romijn of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue fame.

Yeah, right.