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Owners are finding conservatory a perfect `room for all seasons'

What is a conservatory?

A conservatory, built by Regal, is a room addition - known as a European sun room - that can be added to a house to increase living space, but it can also be built as a free standing unit.Whether used as a family room, dining room, kitchen expansion, spa, pool enclosure or as a greenhouse, the conservatory will not only bring elegance but a practicality that will be enjoyed for a lifetime . . . "a room for all seasons."

What about if you need more living space? Or, if you want an indoor gardener, but plants are taking over the house? What if you want to extend your home without building an extension?

The answer is Regal Conservatories for an elegant and instant addition to your house that adds value to your property.

Regal custom builds its conservatories to suit the house. The design of a conservatory simply comes down to personal preference. Regal has a wide range of designs that will harmonize with the surroundings of a home and garden. What customers need to decide on is the style and size of conservatory that best suits their needs and budget.

There is an endless choice of architectural styles, including traditional lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian and combination conservatory designs with full-length windows, insulated feature panel options or designs built on knee walls.

All conservatories are available in white or a mahogany wood-grain finish.

There may be high winds, rain and freezing temperatures outside, but inside the room is draft-free and warm.

Exterior noise will be much less intrusive too. Homeowners can also rest securely in the knowledge that they are conserving energy.

Regal builds its conservatories from a European material called PVCu. This material has been around in Europe for more than 40 years. The British have been using the material for more than 25.

The complete range of PVCu conservatories is manufactured using the latest combination of materials for strength, durability and a virtually maintenance-free finish.

An important feature of a conservatory is roof construction. Regal's roof design takes into account the smallest of detail for a superior quality finish.

Also it is rated to support snow loadings throughout the Salt Lake Valley and can be engineered to withstand greater loadings in areas such as Park City.

Advantages include no more rotting wood, peeling paint or corroding aluminum. With PVCu, homeowners can add instant elegance to any home.

But PVCu frames are not simply a visual benefit. Their neat, slim frames conceal a multi-chambered interior that provides superb insulation - wind and inclement weather remain outside, and heat stays in.

PVCu frames will not rot, rust, twist or warp like some of the more traditional building materials. The flexibility of PVCu means that Regal's frames are ideal for any shape or size of conservatory, no matter how unusual.

All glass is double pane with various options. Regal's frames are among the most technically advanced systems available.

They are designed to flatter any environment, no matter where the home is located or the style of the home. Regal can build a conservatory that will complement the surroundings.

Regal's designers have also worked to develop a unique and patented security glazing device that immobilizes both glass sealed units and glazing beads, thus making removal of these items, without consent, virtually impossible.

Regal has also added to its range retracting swimming pool enclosures for those who want to swim year-round, and classical-style gazebo's that will not only bring a lot of attention to a garden area, but will also add a touch of elegance.

Regal's experience means that within 90 days, a conservatory can be delivered and built.