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Get handle on panhandlers

It seems we are literally giving up our city to the indigent, the panhandlers and the bad guys that roam the streets. We are their prey, and there aren't enough police to protect us. We had better be prepared to take care of ourselves. The police did inform us that if we are courageous enough, we could attempt a citizen's arrest.

So why am I going on so? What has gotten me so mad? Recently my husband and I were being treated to a nice lunch at Siegfried's (a German deli) by our son. We filled our plates and sat down, my son on my right and my husband across from me with his back to the door. I decided to go wash my hands. I was prompted by good sense to put my purse over by my son.As I walked toward the restroom, I passed a very agitated and dirty man who seemed to be selling newspapers. He had a bag slung over his shoulder and rolled up papers in his hand. He was going from booth to booth. When I came back to my spot, the whole scene was a mess, with food everywhere and newspapers strung about. Apparently, with my plate unprotected, this man had reached around my husband and with both hands he began shoveling food into his mouth. My husband was in shock, but my son jumped over the table and got ahold of him. Since he was twice the size, he soon got free.

We called 911 and were told there were three calls ahead of us and they couldn't dispatch anyone. He said we can't do much anyway since the jails are full. Now if someone were to tell me they were hungry, I would gladly buy them a meal; however, this guy was a premeditated thief. Worst of all, not one person sitting around came to assist or even looked up from their own plate.

Lorna Giggey

Salt Lake City