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Utahns are worst drivers

I was distressed to read about the two teenagers hit by a car in a crosswalk (one killed) and then a few days later about the man and pregnant woman hit in a downtown crosswalk. These incidents prompted me to put in writing something I have been thinking since arriving in Salt Lake City - Utah drivers are the worst and most discourteous I have ever seen. Drivers run red lights like there is no tomorrow.

They barrel through intersections with little concern for pedestrians who have the right of way. I must admit most of my experience has been at the intersection of Main and North Temple. My husband almost got hit one day. There is an accident waiting to happen at that busy, congested intersection. I suspect it is only a matter of time. Official vehicles - city, county and state - ought to set a good example rather than join the norm.Mrs. M.J. McKenzie

Salt Lake City