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U. is likelier to leave WAC

Your Web edition poll on whether BYU should leave the WAC is ludicrous. First off, no one has invited BYU to go anywhere. Second, the presidents of the universities in a new conference will make the selection, not athletic administrators. This does not bode well for BYU with the recent criticism directed at BYU regarding academic freedom. Also, BYU will never play any athletic event on Sunday.

Why all the hoopla surrounding BYU all the time? When Utah ended the basketball season last year ranked No. 2 in both polls, the Deseret News said absolutely nothing about Utah needing to join another conference. The fact is, Utah is the more likely candidate to get an invitation to join a new conference for these reasons:1) Nationally ranked basketball program and high profile coach.

2) Up-and-coming football program with brand-new stadium.

3) Athletic program full of women's sports and a new indoor training facility for gymnastics coming on line.

4) Willing to play any contest on Sunday - no problem.

5) Full academic freedom on and off campus.

6) Major research institution.

7) Campus close to international airport and hotels.

8) Geographically located in the middle of a huge metro area.

Need I continue? Come on, Deseret News, get real! Stop feeding people's fantasies. Utah will be in the PAC-10 long before BYU.

Garth Limburg

Salt Lake City