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Woman says stuck gas pedal to blame for fatal accident

A 76-year-old woman blamed a stuck gas pedal for sending her car plowing into a crowd of pedestrians on a busy downtown street, killing two people and injuring 11.

The driver, Eleanor Soltis, was cited for three traffic violations after Wednesday's crash. She was treated at a hospital and released.No criminal charges were expected, police spokesman Kevin Morison said.

Soltis had a clean driving record and passed a driver's test last year, Secretary of State George Ryan told a news conference.

Police said they would test the car to try to determine if the gas pedal was the problem.

Soltis' car was traveling south when it struck another car stopped at a traffic light, then jumped the curb and smashed into a traffic sign, witnesses said.

"There were people lying all over the ground with their shoes knocked off," said Pam Collins, whose sister and brother-in-law were among the injured.