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Kevorkian's attorney says patient was in constant pain

A woman who suffered from nerve damage that left her in constant pain had consulted with Dr. Jack Kevorkian before her body was found in a motel room, according to published reports.

Lois Carol Hawkins Caswell, whose body was found Wednesday morning, died of a lethal intravenous injection, the Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office said.Caswell, 65, of Lexington, Ky., had come to Michigan to see Kevorkian, his attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, told The Oakland Press of Pontiac.

"That's one of Dr. Kevorkian's patients," Fieger said. "She had chronic pain syndrome. She was on more than three grams of morphine a day, and her husband was with her when she died."

The Quality Inn in Bloomfield Township, where Caswell's body was found, is the same one in which two people died last month with Kevorkian's assistance, Fieger said.