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Home schoolers not foes

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I must take exception to the remarks of the state superintendent for public instruction regarding what he perceives as inaccuracies in reports about the academic achievement of home-schooled students. If this particular study is based on too small a sample, let's correct it. But I don't understand why this should be a threat to the public school system.

I teach my children at home. My reasons for doing so change from year to year. However, I have a degree in elementary education, and my original intent was to make sure that my son knew how to read well before I sent him to public school.Over the years I have realized that whether we teach our children at home, whether they go to public school or private school, as parents we all want what is best for our children.

I feel that Superintendent Bean's remarks are only divisive and hurtful. By teaching my children at home, I am not attacking public school education.

Unfortunately, too often we forget that it is ultimately the parent's job to raise the children. The way each parent does this will differ, but that's OK. We must work with parents individually instead of lumping them into a category and blaming the category for the problem. It is ridiculous to say that home schooling is not acceptable because some parents who teach their children at home do not do so wisely. The child is what counts. Together we can help each child succeed.

Janet A. Summit