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Fumes are terrible legacy

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I have just returned from my first trip to Utah to attend a family wedding. My niece and her fiance, having both worked with the Forest Service in southern Utah, arranged to have their wedding ceremony on a promontory in the Capitol Reef National Park. We were all treated to some of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes that I have even seen in our country.

My continuing thoughts through that weekend had to do with the good fortune of Utah's citizens to have the immaculately clear air and pristine beauty of southern Utah. As a lifetime lover of the outdoors and the wonders of nature, I thought that southern Utah might truly be called God's country.Then things began to change. It is difficult to find the right words to convey to you my feelings as we approached Provo from the south. The gradually increasing cloud cover began to obscure the surrounding peaks and then even much of the base of the imposing mountains surrounding Provo.

It was almost unbelievable to me and my family that in a state with some of the most beautiful parkland and landscapes in the country and in a city with the prestigious Brigham Young University that anyone would be allowed to so pollute and desecrate their environment and so sadly "soil their nest."

As a physician and as a grandparent, it is difficult for me to understand how any community allows such circumstances to continue year after year. What a terrible legacy for the children and grandchildren of Utah.

John F. O'Neill

Washington, D.C.