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US WEST, get facts right

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I agree with Ted Smith, vice president of US WEST (Deseret News, Oct. 23), that we should be given the true facts on US WEST.

The telephone utility is most unique in its business and in its treatment of customers.For example: Not too long ago if you wished a phone in any color but black, you paid a very high extra charge. The company paid exactly the same cost for each instrument without regard to color.

My private phone line at home is priced at $17.02. A single private business line is priced at $33. Now Smith claims the business service is subsidizing the residential service. But Smith needs to observe that in his Salt Lake directory, there are 239 pages of "business" listings and 703 pages of "residential" listings. Simple arithmetic will show that business is not paying for residential.

The telephone is the only utility given the outlandish privilege of charging in advance for service.

Of course, it costs US WEST the same to put a single line into a business as a single line into a residence.

Look at your billing and notice that each month you pay $3.84 for "Extended Area Calling," and this is not an option. You may pay this even though you may never place a call to Kaysville.

And then Smith asks us to believe that an increase in our monthly billing will assure us that we pay less for future service. Again, not likely.

Smith, "Get US WEST facts right."

Tom Judd

Salt Lake City