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Legacy plan is poor path

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It's unfortunate that Philip Garner (Deseret News, Nov. 4, "Choose duck or human") missed the point when drawing lines in the sand over which alignment of the Legacy West Davis Highway creates the most sense. He should have realized that neither alignment is the answer to what the impacts of the highway will have on the community. It's not whether the ducks are getting the best deal over humans, but whether the community is getting a raw deal by having to make a choice between two equally undesirable options. Since it's going to be divided by a highway, where's the best place to put it?

The Legacy West Davis Highway is being packaged by UDOT as the best answer to transportation needs along the northern corridor. Ironically, other cities studying similar transportation problems have chosen not to build more highways. There is a consensus that more roads bring more traffic, urban sprawl and is money down the drain. However, UDOT not only doesn't see it that way but has created a deadline one year from now for the project to go forward.I suggest that Mr. Garner focus his attention on emphasizing to his fellow community members that they should be protesting such a fast-track decision and urge UDOT to explore better options for transportation solutions and the community.

Lynn E. de Freitas

Salt Lake City