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Battle of buffet? Dignitaries launch food at twin-town affair

SHARE Battle of buffet? Dignitaries launch food at twin-town affair

A social evening in a sleepy British town turned into a nightmare when German and Czech visitors fought the battle of the buffet, sending tempers flaring and chicken legs flying.

The trouble began when 30 German dignitaries from the town of Homberg were being entertained in their twin town of Bridgwater, southern England, according to newspaper reports Wednesday.In the next room at the local arts center was a small party from the Czech Republic celebrating Bridgwater's twinning with their town of Uherske Hradiste.

By mistake, caterers put the food for the Czech party on the same table as that for the German function. The food was divided up, but the Czech group's British host claimed the Germans had taken all the best bits.

Humphrey Temperley, deputy leader of Somerset County Council, said: "It appeared to me all they (the Czechs) were getting were plates of soggy sandwiches so I walked into the adjoining room to get them a plate of chicken legs and salami. I never made it back."

"I was hit from all sides by people from the German reception."

He said he used to play rugby at school but he had "never been tackled so hard as when I tried to make my way back with the food."

His Czech allies weighed in to rescue him but the Germans rallied under former British police officer Phil Smeed to repel further assaults.

Smeed said he was appalled by Temperley's behavior, adding: "I was hit by a shower of flying chicken legs as I went to investigate the rumpus."